Bridge Capital, LLC

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Team of John Baldwin Has Completed It's Commitment To MINA

This week, under the scorching sun, John Baldwin’s team at Bridge Capital, LLC, completed its commitment to Micronesia Islands Nature Alliance (MINA). Bridge Capital is a participant in MINA’s Adopt-A-Bin Program, which started in 2010. Bridge Capital adopted a bin located on Mt. Tapochau in April of this year under John Baldwin and Shawn Scotts initiative.

Aside from paying $1000 for a year of trash-collection services, Bridge Capital employees also donated their time and services to pick up anything and everything that is offensive to our environment such as empty water bottles, paper cups, cigarette butts, tissue paper, candy wrappers, soda cans, and plastic bags. Last Monday was Bridge Capital’s second Mt. Tapochau clean up for this year. President and CEO of Bridge Capital, John Baldwin said “While we are always committed to supporting our community, the MINA program is special to us as we get so much enjoyment in having our offices in a beautiful island like Saipan, and we want to keep it beautiful”.